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Last updated: 2018-04-01

Welcome to MacRoland´s Blog, Meditation and Gallery!

 Here you can read the blog a bit about what I write about my experiences on my life path.

New Blog ”Changes” Welcome in!!!

 On the blog I write as far as I have the time and put out some different elements and you want to do any supplement or even get one of your shares admitted then just to mail it in.

 On page meditation can you in all simplicity to get a moment of calm and collect yourself a little, it has helped me tremendously, not least to persuade me to focus causing me much easier to reach my goals.

 It is quite so many that employ meditation side in order to reduce stress and find their own path in life.

 Does not start the background music automatically when you enter the meditation side so you need to download the free program called QuickTime, and it is available on download on

 Full page's intention is to create more commonality among our fellow man, many are stressed today and need some time for themselves and this forum is made as simple as possible to reach out and be available to just anyone who wants to.

 If you have questions or want to add something, you are welcome to write an email.

 Welcome in and try and give it willingly a number of times for meditation is something you have to work out in.